The Hope Raisers skating Initiatives is a community initiative structured to offer mentorship and outreach programs to children and young people using urban sports( roller skating/ Skateboarding ), Music and art with an aim of nurturing their creative talents and exposing them to networks that support sports and arts as a tool for resilient and violence prevention for positive social transformation, the initiative recognizes and build upon the important role that arts and sports, plays as engine for economic empowerment and positive youth engagement.

Korogocho Streetscapes

The Korogocho streetscapes suggests an inclusive way of working with streets in order to engage youth in the urban transformation processes, where the local community and stakeholders fully own the process. The initiative is action-based, to create visible changes and trust in the community. By nurturing the rise of optional and spontaneous activities to take place in the streetscape, the streets can be transformed to places of self-expression, influence and power.

Kids of Uganda

Kids of Uganda is a Sweden based NGO focused on supporting exposed children in Uganda. We run an orphanage in Bubulo, a village in Southeastern Uganda, and support foster families. Currently, we have eight children living in the orphanage and support another 55 children through our foster families. We offer field studies and internships for students and others. Additionally, we create employment in the local area and are constantly touring Scandinavia to tell the story of modern Africa.

 The organisation was founded in 2012 by Cecilia Khouma (then named Kleimert) from Säffle, Sweden, and is now run from Sweden by a board consisting of seven friends.

With responsibility and sustainability first in mind, we invest in our children and families, enabling them to build their future and become healthy and sound grown-ups.

Architects without borders SE