About us

Since 2014, Play Without Borders develop play opportunities for children and young people living in areas where play, for different reasons, not is prioritized. PWB provide play opportunities, based on site specific research and in close relation to the users, the children. For PWB children’s perspective and involvement is a crucial part of the development of relevant and democratic play spaces. The organisation focuses on what is possible to achieve in the small scale instead of what is not possible in a larger scale.

The team, from left: Maria De Frumerie, Kalle Ekeroth, Christian Strömqvist, Kristin Bille and Pontus Johansson

PWB have since it’s start in 2014 been working in Uganda, Kenya and Turkey. All the projects have been conducted in a close relation to local organizations with good knowledge and insight in the specific conditions at each place. The work of PWB are lead and organized by a group of Child Culture Designers that are also employed as Assistant Professors at HDK, Academy of Design and Craft at the University of Gothenburg. There they are in charge of many of the courses connected to children and play at the master program Child Culture Design.

PWB are used to work in participatory processes and they have a good knowledge about theory revolving play, child perspective, child development, among other things.

Christian Strömqvist www.stromqvistdesign.com

Pontus Johansson www.pontusjohansson.com

Karl-Johan Ekeroth www.playdesigner.se

Maria De Frumerie

Kristin Bille